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This website, started around 2011, is mainly meant to provide a strictly chronological list of my publications, with just a few missing. Teaching material, drawing heavily upon my publications, is posted on started in 2019. Most viewers would be interested, if at all, in the latest articles. This ‘recency’ bias is understandable; many chronological lists start from the latest. I prefer not to do that.

Given the nature of macroeconomics, and I suspect many other subjects too, forward listing incorporates the analysis of events in real time. However, since the list is way too long (over 120 entries as of 2021) I have compressed it to only the first few, the important ones in between, and the latest. The full list of my articles can be downloaded by clicking on that weblink. I have bolded the more important ones. From that list, both the bolded and unbolded articles are available by googling for them or else mailing me.( Phone and further contact details upon request). Comments and responses about the website ease of navigation and, of course, the articles and entries, are welcome. This note was written on Oct 2021.

Vivek Moorthy, Distinguished Professor, St. Joseph's Institute of Management, Bangalore, India.
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Work Profile as of 2016
VM Abbreviated CV and List of Major
Publications (December 2016)
Full List of Publications From 1990 Onwards
Selected List of Publications as on 2021
Year Date Source Title Page # Updating
In Books
1990 April Federal Reserve Bank of New York Quarterly Review Unemployment in Canada & the U.S: The Role of Unemployment Insurance Benefits Benefits ( An explanation tracing the puzzling post 1981 unemployment gap, highlighted by Orley Ashenfelter and David Card (1986) back to Canada's 1971 Act.). Findings cited in leading news papers. Vol.14 No.4 pp. 48-61 MIFA, 7
Four page summary of article and related discussion.  
1990   FRBNY "Targeting Nominal GNP", with Spence R. Hilton in a Volume Intermediate Targets and Indicators for Monetary Policy. 232-273  
1991 October FRBNY Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations    
1991/92   FRBNY Foreign Exchange Staff Reports for the Federal Open Market Committee    
1992 16-Sep FRBNY Alternative Outcomes after the French Referendum - About Pound's exit from ERM (coauthored memo)
Life at the Foreign Exchange Desk
1994 May Mimeo Time Constraints and the Standard of Living    
1995 4-Aug Economic Times Why Gentleman still Prefer Bonds (rejoinder to Should We Prefer Bonds tor Money by above)   13
1996 April Economics Letters Predictable & Profitable Price Patterns : Evidence from U.S. Interest Rates Vol 51 pp.101-107 21
(Develops a trading rule to make excess profits from the U.S. employment report)
1998 Sep IIM Bangalore The Stability of Bond Financed Deficits: A Critique of the Literature (Abstract)    
W Paper #115 Proves that Solow-Blinder proofs about unstable bond finance do not hold with a Fisher effect.
1998 31-Dec Economic Times IMF and The East -Asian Debacle (About performance of Taiwan, excluded from IMF membership)   20
2000 June RBI DRG Study # 19 Bond Financing & Debt Stability:Theoretical Issues & Empirical Analysis for India with Bhupal Singh & S.C. Dhal.
Develops a Domar debt model to analyze fiscal policy choices etc. A subset of this model (pp. 17-20) provides the framework for my texts, replacing IS/LM.
PP 1-78 14
2001 14-Oct Econ.Pol.Weekly Setting Small Saving & Provident Fund Rates (Rationale for benchmarking the PF rate to inflation, not to bond yields). 3941-3950  
2002 19-Feb Business Line The Wealth in the Title (review of The Mystery of Capital by Hernando de Soto).    
2003 17-Jan Business Line *Sir Alan's Day of Judgment
Using profits data, critiques Greenspan's failure to hike margin requirements. Also see matrix in 27 Oct 2009 article
2004 26-Jun Econ.Pol.Weekly Assessing India's Primary Deficit and Interest Payments Burden
prepared for the 12th Finance Commission Conference, Delhi, October 2003 in Conference Volume.
2007 June Far Eastern Stop The Specter of a Rupee Rise (Special issue, interview with Robert Mundell on US $) Pg 20 - 23  
Econ. Review Recommends a random walk exchange rate band with moderate capital controls for India
2008 30-Dec Mint Bernanke's Bond Market Bash    17
2010 Nov Under revision Rescuing Sunken Economies with SHIPS (Shorter Hours Incentive Programs)    
2012 10-Jul Financial Express Shorter Work Hours: The road not taken    
2014 January McGraw Hill Understanding Stagflation: Past and Present (Published By McGraw Hill only as ebook ISBN-13: 978-93-392-0334-4)    
2016 01-Oct Econ.Pol.Weekly Selective Memoirs:RBI Has Far More Autonomy Than Scrutiny   Ch 8, EGI
2017 February Bank of International Settlements Seminar on "Analyzing Aspects of India's November 2016 Demonetization"    
Seminar on "Can Equity Investors explain the failure of Uncovered Interest Parity? Links to News Studies"    
2017 July Applied Macroeconomics: Employment. Growth and Inflation Final version sent for print
Note that the currently available 2019 version is a Reprint of the original 2017 book, not a new edition.
2020 29-Mar Business Standard Corona calamity: The role of China's cheerleaders    
2020 14-May livemint Ban extra overtime money to save manufacturing jobs    
2020 27-July livemint A great inexcusable macroeconomics-GRIM- omission    
2020 17-Nov livemint The country’s grand November credit bubble should worry us    
2021 20-May livemint Transfer some forex reserves to states for covid expenses    
2021 03-Spt Business Standard Review by V Kumaraswamy of My Book EGI (link on    
2021 20-Oct Livemint Better ways to help workers than minimum-wage hikes    
2021 27-Oct Livemint The perils of natural experiments and randomized controlled trials    

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